A sofa is a needed piece of furniture in any home. It is one of the homes largest furniture investment, and thus it requires some careful considerations. This is because it is a piece that has a permanency in the home for it will be used for a couple of years. Hence, putting some thought before purchasing it is important. What then does one look for if they want to buy a set of for instance velvet chesterfield sofas. Below is a guide to sofa buying.

Buying Sofas

Sturdiness of the sofa

One needs to look for quality sofas. A quality sofa feels heavy, solid and is sturdy. Feel the sofa, shake it, sit on it and try and seeĀ if it is a strong piece of furniture. If it wobbles and feels light leave the sofa.Sofa

Check the joints and frames

The sturdiness of a sofa will depend on the materials used to make the frames. Find out what wood has been used. Different woods will vary in cost. A sofa that is made of soft wood like pine are less costly, however, may not last long. But sofas made of hard wood like oak, beech, ash are more durable.

One also needs to know the type of joints on the sofa and the material used to connect the joints. Different joints will be more robust that others. And the materials used to connect them will reinforce the sofa better.

The type of sofa

One needs to consider their home and the kind of sofa that would work best for them. Where will the sofa be placed in the house and how big is the area. Consider the capacity and number of people who will be sitting on the couch. What type of sofa you want with arms or armless. The kind of sofas available are the standard sofas, the recliner sofas, sectional sofas and chaise sofas. It is important to do one’s research well to find the sofa that will work best for their space.

Consider the construction

This is the type of cushion back for the sofa. This will be either a loose cushion back, the cushions are removable. The semi-attached back where the pillows are attached to the back of the sofa. Finally, the tight back which is a firm back.type of sofa

The cushion fillings are also vital. Look for high resiliency foam fillings that compress when in use and go back to their natural shape when not in use. High-density fillings can feel hard while, and low-density softer fillings will deteriorate with constant use.…