Drain flies are a common nuisance in our homes. These flies are about 1/8th inch in size and are usually black or brown in color. The flies live inside damp drains and hence are mostly found in bathrooms and kitchens. The flies key identity trait is their unique pattern of veins in their wings. If you spot a small fly or a vermin type insect flying around in the bathroom or kitchen, do not immediately assume that it came from the drains. It is advised that you first check all viable breeding sources like in decaying organic material or even small puddles around your home before you come to the conclusion that there are drain flies in your home. Thereafter you can look for methods on how to kill drain flies quickly.

Sign of drain fly infestationfly

Before you learn on how to kill drain flies, it is evidently important to know the drain fly infested locations. There are two methods you can use:

Spot the drain flies

This is an easy way to spotting drain fly invaded areas. Here, you need to see the adult drain flies by the naked eye. The adults can be seen resting on ceilings or walls of the infested areas. Since these flies do not fly a lot, their presence means that their breeding spot is near.

Drain Test

In this tests, you have to spot all the drain outlets and cover them with a sticky tape, so as to catch the flies as they try to leave their breeding location. If you catch some flies, there is a high possibility that there may be more drain fries in your drains.

How to kill drain flies quickly

There are many ways in which you can use to kill these flies and below are a few you can use to turn your home to a drain fly free space quickly.

Destroy the breeding sources

fliesOnce you have spotted the source, you can now start the process of removing the dirt deposits and the slime in your drains. But first, you need to clean the exterior of the pipe and then pour two to four liters of warm water to dampen the drain.

After this, it is important to use a metal pipe brush to push through the drain so as to clear the interior of the drain and pull out the gunge.It is also advisable to pour a drain gel cleaner into the drain which is formulated to destroy the organic deposits that are inside the pipe. However, after several hours of pouring the cleaner gel, you should pour a lot of water. Also use a plunger to rinse any organic matter that may be left behind.

Kill the adult drain flies

After cleaning the drain, the adult flies are the only ones that are left behind. To effectively eradicate them you can use swatters or sprays. You can also use liquid dish soap spray that is made up of borax, which features some …