The history of human’s lifestyle has come a long way since the prehistoric era to today’s modern days. The whole process highlights the developments that human being goes through marked by the gradual changes that each period emphasizes. Feudalism, for instance, stressed the importance of land ownership and natural process in which many people worked together in fields to process what nature had blessed them with. This way of living changed quite radically when capitalism kicked in, putting a strong emphasis on capital and commercial way of life, resulting in a hedonistic lifestyle. Unfortunately, this way of life has sustained its path through centuries until these days.

a man watering plants

However, a few people are brave enough to step out of their comfort zone to stand up on their own. Instead of spending a lot of money to supply their daily needs, these people are willing to live quite remotely from the crowds and build a homestead where all their daily needs come from. Although no direct link between homesteading and feudal way of living is empirically proven, building a farm proves to be an excellent alternative, especially when one needs to stay away from big cities and all its chaos.

The Definition

some vegetables on the tableThe term homesteading refers to a way of living showing high dependence on nature to fulfill the daily needs. From vegetables to cattle, these homesteaders prefer to grow their source of food and keep them to supply the whole family. It usually consists of a piece of land where a concrete family house is built. A large lawn where they grow vegetables and kitchen herbs can also be found there. Thus, their daily activity will pretty much be about sowing, nurturing, and harvesting the garden.

If you are interested in this lifestyle, there are many initial steps that you can take including reading as many references as possible about how to start your remote life. According to experts, there are several skills that you need to master before starting the lifestyle. These skills include raising cattle, keeping livestock, harvesting raindrops, and living off-grid.

The Benefits

It is probably the next thing that people would ask whenever they are thrilled to try this way of life. The explanation is pretty simple since it is heavily related to the mental state of the people living this way. Many studies have shown the close connection between living in rural areas and the psychological conditions. Fortunately, the chart points out the equivalent comparison, stating that constant exposure towards a peaceful situation results in a better mental state.…