While others think of rebuilding their homes, you can think of repainting the exterior of your home and make it more beautiful and also add its value. While thinking of this it is important to consider the cost.

There are many factors that are put into consideration when determining the costs for painting your home exterior.

Hiring a professional painter

This is more expensive since one incurs the cost of paying someone else to do the service.

Factors Determining Cost Of Exterior Painting (3)

Quality comes at a cost.

This may look expensive but one can be sure the work done will be of good quality. To reduce the cost further one can consider the services of a local professional rather than the one who is miles away. Size of the house It is clear that the size of the house is directly proportional to the cost of painting the exterior. A smaller house costs less and a big house costs more.

The size of the house will surely determine the cost one will incur for this job.

Factors Determining Cost Of Exterior Painting (1)Cleaning costs

Cleaning is part of prep work for exterior painting. The painters may prescribe that the house be power washed with hot water. They can also prescribe pressure washing using cold water before the painting job can begin. This is necessary to bring out a quality job. The cost range of this service is between four hundred and seven hundred dollars. Quality and type of paint The paint to be used has to withstand the harsh weather elements like rain, sun, snow and even the hurricanes.

The paints that can withstand such elements tend to be more expensive though they require few coats. The type of paint whether it is water based or oil based will also determine the cost since they tend to have price variations. Water based paint is preferred over oil based. This is because it expands and contracts with the siding of the house, it does not crack or peel, neither does it hold moisture and it also dries faster compared to oil based paint.

Caution should be taken when doing the exterior painting job. One should avoid painting in direct sunlight as this makes the paint to dry very fast hence create the lap marks. During windy days the paint dries faster and the wind may blow dirt to the wet paint.

This may make one incur the additional cost of repainting sooner than they would have expected.

Considering these factors will help one determine the home painting exterior cost and make a wise decision.